New York Invasive Species Awareness Week 2016

In honor of Invasive Species Awareness Week, the New York Invasive Species Research Institute has partnered with Cornell Plantations to provide an informational table filled with great fact sheets, brochures and up-to-date information invasive species.  The table is located in the lobby of Cornell Plantations’ Nevin Welcome Center and open for visitors Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30am-5pm.

Cornell Plantations and NYISRI will also be co-hosting an Invasive Plant Species Walk led by Botanist Robert Wesley held Wednesday, July 13th at 5PM.  This walk is open to people of all ages and interests.  Please visit the event page to pre-register.

Other invasive species focused events are happening all across the state this week.  Find local events by visiting the New York Invasive Species Awareness Week Blog and Calendar of Events.

In observance of this week, the Governor’s Office has released a proclamation in support of invasive species awareness and prevention.