RISCC Management Network

Invasive Species meets Climate Change

Climate change profoundly influences ecosystems of the Northeast, exacerbating the spread and impacts of invasive species. How will we manage invasive species in light of this? NYISRI, together with faculty at UMass Amherst and the Northeast Climate Science Center, founded the Northeast Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change (NE RISCC) Management Network in 2016.  This group brings together invasive species and climate change researchers, managers, and policy makers to address this question. The network proudly includes nearly 500 members who stay connected through an active list-serve and annual symposia.

How RISCC works:

  • synthesizing existing research on invasive species and climate change
  • conducting new research based on stakeholder needs, and 
  • facilitating communication and understanding among researchers and managers.

NYISRI has worked with RISCC to publish original research on invaders and climate change, manager-focused synthesis materials called management challenges, as well as research summaries with management implications. RISCC has also held a Northeast Invasive Species and Climate Change Workshop, organized annual symposia, and created a list-serve to facilitate information sharing. All materials are freely available on the RISCC website.

RISCC Receives Award for Broad Partnership

On September 8th, 2021, the Northeast Regional Invasive Species & Climate Change (RISCC) Management Network received the 2021 Climate Adaptation Leadership Award through the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies! NYISRI is proud to be a co-founder of this forward-thinking network that has grown to over 500 members. Read more here >>