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NYISAW State of the science webinar
Trapa natans
Mile a minute vine
Spotted lanternflies in a trap
2023 State of the science

Recording Available
NYISAW State of the Science Webinar
June 9th, 2023

Trapa biocontrol research publication

Biological Control (May 2023)
New research on
Galerucella birmanica,
a promising biocontrol for Trapa natans

Biocontrol summit recording available
2022 North American Weed Biocontrol Summit

Recording now available from
December 1nd, 2022

Cornell Chronicle SLF

New Cornell Chronicle article featuring NYISRI and partners

Conservationist Article

New Conservationist Article by JWORM group

Mission Statement
Our Mission

Connect invasive species research and practice to help manage the impact of invasive species in NYS

Garlic Mustard by David Cappaert, Michigan State University.

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We connect invasive species research and practice to help manage the impact of invasive species in NYS.


Invasive species pose a serious threat to New York’s natural resources, and NYISRI is committed to improving the scientific basis of invasive species management. We serve the scientific research community, natural resource and land managers, and state offices and sponsored organizations by promoting research, creating networks, and providing support.


Identify research needs from managers and coordinate research to meet those needs.


Foster knowledge exchange between diverse organizations and individuals through conferences and webinars.


Support managers and researchers by synthesizing research, communicating funding opportunities, and creating management protocols.

Latest Research

Research Digest: February 2023 (2/24/2023) - Our monthly research digest with recently published papers on invasive species from Biological Invasions, Conservation Biology, Ecology, Ecological Applications, and more...

Recent Posts

Removing One Invasive Species Makes Room for Another (9/18/2023) - Torres et al. investigate what happens when you remove invasive plant species, and how timing of removal activities impacts plant communities.
Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Cliff Kraft and Dr. Pete McIntyre (6/28/2023) - This month, we interviewed Dr. Cliff Kraft and Dr. Pete McIntyre of the Adirondack Fishery Research Program who study invasive smallmouth bass in the Adirondacks
Getting to the (Data) Point (6/28/2023) - Fusco et al. (2023) summarize what spatial invasive plant data is available in the United States and how it can be used.

Latest News

DOI Funding Guide for Invasive Species Management (9/28/2022) - The Department of the Interior (DOI) released a new Funding Guide for Invasive Species Management.
Request for Quotes: Within Lake Vulnerability Analysis (6/24/2022) - Quotes are due by July 20th, 2022


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