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About Us

Invasive species pose a serious threat to New York’s natural resources, and gaps between the researcher community and natural resource professionals reduce our ability to manage these impacts.

The New York Invasive Species Research Institute, established in 2008 and housed in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University with support from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, spans this research-implementation divide.

By promoting communication and collaboration between scientists, land managers and policy makers, NYISRI bridges the gap to improve the scientific basis of invasive species decisions.

How We Work

  • Identify research needs from stakeholders
  • Coordinate collaborations and working groups to advance research on high priority needs.
  • Catalog existing research and expertise across the state.
  • Provide information on the status of on-going research.
  • Share invasive species occurrence data, best management practices, and relevant publications with our partners.
  • Foster knowledge exchange, collaborations and networks through conferences and webinars
  • Connect universities, agencies, and organizations.
  • Promote information sharing and collaboration among members of the scientific research community.
  • Communicate funding opportunities to the scientific community and relevant state entities.
  • Synthesize outcomes from invasive species research to make recommendations to decision-making bodies on research, funding needs, and priorities.
  • Develop data collection protocols to engage natural resource professionals in research that can guide invasive species management.
  • Create invasive species management protocols aligned with ecological, economic, and geographical priorities.