Name: Nagy, Christopher (Researcher)PrintGo Back

Institution: Mianus River Gorge

Description of Expertise:

I and the other staff at MRG develop mapping, survey, and assessments on many invasive species on our 1,000 acre preserve. We also perform management-related experiments, eg, testing or refining removal techniques, or study the impacts or community interactions of particular invasive species.

MRG is particularly concerned with controlling/eliminating hemlock wooly adelgid. We have done multiple studies on Japanese stiltgrass as well.

MRG offers opportunities for high school researchers, summer internships for undergrads, and grants for graduate students interested in studying applied ecology, including invasive species ecology. We have funded several students that have looked at invasive species issues, including Japanese barberry, invasive earthworms, and Japanese stiltgrass. See here for more info:

Phone: 19142343455


Countries: United States

States: New York

Species: Terrestrial invertebrates, Terrestrial plants, Earthworms (many species),

Ecosystems: Forest

Research Areas: Extension and education, Impacts, Management techniques

NY Regions: Lower Hudson

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