Name: Morrison, Andrew (Manager)PrintGo Back

Institution: Land Stewardship Inc

Description of invasive species management work:

I serve as the project manager for our company which focuses on native landscape restoration. We specialize in planning and implementing ecological restoration and land management projects including large scale invasive plant mapping, invasive plant management planning, invasive plant control and native plant seeding and planting. Our client base is broad and includes landowners, non-profit conservation organizations, land trusts, municipalities, and federal/state agencies on small and landscape scale projects alike.

As a company we have a strong interest in keeping our management techniques up to date and are constantly seeking new techniques which will provide greater invasive plant control or increase the restoration potential for a project by reducing the damage to native ecosystem components. We are also largely staffed by professionals with strong academic backgrounds in conservation science and are open to research collaborations for new treatment techniques or monitoring protocols.

Countries: United States

States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont

Species: Terrestrial plants,

Last updated: November 30, 2017 at 4:44 pm