Abstracts of Interest: August 2020

To create this digest, we scan over two dozen ecology journals for papers on 1) invasive species present in New York State, or the Northeast region, 2) theoretical concepts or models which may have implications for management in New York State, or 3) economic, social, or ecological impacts of invasive species on a regional or global scale. The goal is to help managers and partners across the state of New York to more easily keep up to date on current research.

Several papers listed each month are open access, and anyone can view entire manuscripts. If an article you would like to read is not available through your institution, you can often contact lead or corresponding authors to receive a copy. If you are unable to obtain a paper this way, please contact us and we are happy to work with you to get you access.


American Journal of Botany

The evolution of invasiveness: a mechanistic view of trade‐offs involving defenses

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Acute toxicity of mosquito pesticides on weed biological control agents in south Florida, USA

Biological Control

A review of the causes and consequences of geographical variability in weed biological control successes

Field-inoculated Ailanthus altissima stands reveal the biological control potential of Verticillium nonalfalfae in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States

Biological Invasions

Starting the stowaway pathway: the role of dispersal behavior in the invasion success of low-mobile marine species

A proposed unified framework to describe the management of biological invasions

Vacuolar myelinopathy: waterbird risk on a southeastern impoundment co-infested with Hydrilla verticillata and Aetokthonos hydrillicola

Modeling the interactive effects of nutrient loads, meteorology, and invasive mussels on suitable habitat for Bighead and Silver Carp in Lake Michigan

Environmental stress under climate change reduces plant performance, yet increases allelopathic potential of an invasive shrub

Diversity and Distributions

Island biogeography of native and alien plant species: Contrasting drivers of diversity across the Lesser Antilles

Contrasting effects of exotic plant invasions and managed honeybees on plant–flower visitor interactions


Nonnative old‐field species inhabit early season phenological niches and exhibit unique sensitivity to climate

Forest Ecology and Management

Coppicing of two native but invasive oak species in Florida

Forest pests and wood pellets: A literature review of the opportunities and risks in the United States’ northeastern forests

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

What will the future bring for biological invasions on islands? An expert-based assessment

Journal of Applied Ecology

Island invasion and reinvasion: Informing invasive species management with genetic measures of connectivity

Journal of Ecology

Uncovering structural features that underlie coexistence in an invaded woody plant community with interaction networks at multiple life stages

Journal of Plant Ecology

Aboveground herbivory increases soil nematode abundance of an invasive plant


Please don’t mow the Japanese knotweed!


Differential stoichiometric homeostasis and growth in two native and two invasive C3 grasses

Restoration Ecology

Limited long‐term effectiveness of roller‐chopping for managing woody encroachment