Abstracts of Interest: September 2019

Aquatic Invasions

Is there an impact of behaviour on trapping migratory invasive sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus)?


Biological Invasions

A complex sound coupled with an air curtain blocks invasive carp passage without habituation in a laboratory flume

Recruitment of native parasitic wasps to populations of the invasive winter moth in the northeastern United States

Variable colonization by the hemlock woolly adelgid suggests infestation is associated with hemlock host species

Springs ecosystems: vulnerable ecological islands where environmental conditions, life history traits, and human disturbance facilitate non-native plant invasions


Ecology Letters

Common alien plants are more competitive than rare natives but not than common natives


Management of Biological Invasions

Network centrality as a potential method for prioritizing ports for aquatic invasive species surveillance and response in the Laurentian Great Lakes

Low doses of EarthTec QZ ionic copper used in effort to eradicate quagga mussels from an entire Pennsylvania lake


Ecological Applications

Refinement of eDNA as an early monitoring tool at the landscape‐level: study design considerations



InvasiBES: Understanding and managing the impacts of Invasive alien species on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services


New Phytologist

Plant traits moderate pollen limitation of introduced and native plants: a phylogenetic meta‐analysis of global scale

Plant and Soil

Submerged harvest reduces invasive Typha and increases soil macronutrient availability


Forest Ecology and Management

White-tailed deer and an invasive shrub facilitate faster carbon cycling in a forest ecosystem

Management slows down invasion by non-native plants but does not prevent community change over 35 years in urban forests of the Midwestern USA


Biodiversity and Conservation

Diversity loss in grasslands due to the increasing dominance of alien and native competitive herbs

Intra-country introductions unraveling global hotspots of alien fish species