Abstracts of Interest: November 2016

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Can competition be superior to parasitism for biological control? The case of spotted wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii), Drosophila melanogaster and Pachycrepoideus vindemmiae


Biological Conservation

Resident and user support for urban natural areas restoration practices


Biological Invasions

Native richness and species level trophic traits predict establishment of alien freshwater fishes

The changing nature of plant–microbe interactions during a biological invasion

Prioritizing plant eradication targets by re-framing the project prioritization protocol (PPP) for use in biosecurity applications

Exotic earthworms dispersion through protected forest areas and their potential impacts on nitrous oxide production



The community ecology of invasive species: where are we and what’s next?



Geographic variation in apparent competition between native and invasive Phragmites australis


Ecology & Evolution

Explaining naturalization and invasiveness: new insights from historical ornamental plant catalogs


Ecology Letters

Species pools, community completeness and invasion: disentangling diversity effects on the establishment of native and alien species


Functional Ecology

Trophic sensitivity of invasive predator and native prey interactions: integrating environmental context and climate change


Global Change Biology

An invasive wetland grass primes deep soil carbon pools

Do invasive alien plants benefit more from global environmental change than native plants?


Journal of Applied Ecology

Assessing patterns in introduction pathways of alien species by linking major invasion data bases

Invasive species management will benefit from social impact assessment


Journal of Ecology

Anti-epiphyte defences in the red seaweed Gracilaria vermiculophylla: non-native algae are better defended than their native conspecifics


Journal of Plant Ecology

Timing is everything: does early and late germination favor invasions by herbaceous alien plants?


Management of Biological Invasions

Development of a risk assessment framework to predict invasive species establishment for multiple taxonomic groups and vectors of introduction


Nature Ecology and Evolution

Evolution alters the consequences of invasions in experimental communities


Restoration Ecology

Egress! How technophilia can reinforce biophilia to improve ecological restoration


Trends in Ecology and Evolution

The Rise of Invasive Species Denialism

Invasion Biology: Specific Problems and Possible Solutions