National Invasive Species Council Adopts 2016-2018 Management Plan

“Invasive species represent one of the most significant threats to ecosystems, human and animal health, infrastructure, the economy, and cultural resources.”  So begins the National Invasive Species Council (NISC) 2016-2018 Management Plan, a report which will guide the actions of agencies and officials representing the council in the coming years.

Adopted July of 2016, the management plan stresses the importance of collaborative and strategic actions, and outlines the following goals:  1) provide leadership and set priorities, 2) facilitate effective coordination and cost efficiency, 3) raise awareness and motivate high-impact activities, 4) remove barriers, 5) assess and strengthen federal capacities, and 6) foster innovation.

The plan outlines the needs for each goal as well as the specific actions required by the council to achieve these goals.  For more details, follow the links below.

Read the Management Plan

Visit the NISC’s new What Matters Blog

Credit: US DOI National Invasive Species Council