Abstracts of Interest: February 2016

Biological Control

Impact of the defoliating moth Hypena opulenta on invasive swallow-worts (Vincetoxicum species) under different light environments

Biological Invasions

Modeling the potential for managing invasive common carp in temperate lakes by targeting their winter aggregations

Exotic biological control agents: A solution or contribution to arthropod invasions?

Fire indirectly benefits fitness in two invasive species

Deer feeding selectivity for invasive plants

Biology Letters

Alien species as a driver of recent extinctions

Diversity and Distributions

Native versus non-native invasions: similarities and differences in the biodiversity impacts of Pinus contorta in introduced and native ranges

Journal of Applied Ecology

Prioritizing management actions for invasive populations using cost, efficacy, demography and expert opinion for 14 plant species world-wide

Environmental DNA (eDNA) detects the invasive rusty crayfish Orconectes rusticus at low abundances

Journal of Ecology

Herbivore release drives parallel patterns of evolutionary divergence in invasive plant phenotypes

Forest community response to invasive pathogens: the case of ash dieback in a British woodland

Biotic resistance to tropical ornamental invasion


An invasive slug exploits an ant-seed dispersal mutualism

An exotic invasive plant selects for increased competitive tolerance, but not competitive suppression, in a native grass