Abstracts of Interest: December 2015

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Management of kudzu by the bioherbicide, Myrothecium verrucaria, herbicides and integrated control programmes

Biological Control

Development and verification of SNP arrays to monitor hybridization between two host-associated strains of knotweed psyllid, Aphalara itadori

Laboratory and field-based temperature-dependent development of a monophagous weevil: Implications for integrated weed management

Biological Invasions

Towards minimizing transport of aquatic nuisance species in ballast water: Do organisms in different size classes respond uniformly to biocidal treatment?

Diversity and Distributions

The importance of waterbirds as an overlooked pathway of invasion for alien species

Pollinator floral provisioning by a plant invader: quantifying beneficial effects of detrimental species

Predicting invasiveness of species in trade: climate match, trophic guild and fecundity influence establishment and impact of non-native freshwater fishes

Practicable methods for delimiting a plant invasion

New Phytologist

Invasive plant species and litter decomposition: time to challenge assumptions”

Progress and gaps in understanding mechanisms of ash tree resistance to emerald ash borer, a model for wood-boring insects that kill angiosperms