Pesticide Management Education Program:  Updates on Important Pesticide Issues

Delayed Implementation of Worker Protection Standard and Certification Regulations (Mike Helms)

Investigating the Health Effects of Glyphosate (Dr. Anthony Hay & Dan Wixted):  Part I & Part II

Genetic Engineering for Invasive Species Management

Genetic Control of Invasive Species: What is it? and how can it help? (Dr. Tim Harvey-Samuel)

Genetic Engineering for Insect Pest Management: the Diamondback Moth Project (Dr. Tony Shelton)


Invasive Species Detection and Monitoring Using Drone Technologies

New York State’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program (Scott McDonnell)

Invasive Species Detection and Monitoring Using Drones: Adirondack PRISM Case Study (Zachary Simek)


Aquatic Invasive Species:  Monitoring and Predicting Invasions

Predicting Aquatic Invasion in Adirondack Lakes:  A Spatial Analysis of Lake and Landscape Conditions (Dr. Richard Shaker)

Landscape Level AIS Prevention, Survey & Management in the Adirondack Park (Erin Vennie-Vollrath)


Promoting Innovative Projects and Interdisciplinary Solutions in Invasive Species Management: NISC & NYISRI

Part I – Carrie Brown-Lima 

Part II – Jeff Morisette


Trans-media Communications Workshop

Transmedia Workshop:  Sharing Research with Public Audiences (Dr. Jon McKenzie)


Presentations by the NYS Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management

WNY PRISM Project Development and Prioritization (Andrea Locke)

Advancing an Invasive Species Communications and Marketing Strategy in the Adirondacks (Brendan Quirion)

Managing Invasive Species in the Finger Lakes (Hilary Mosher)


Presentations by the NYS Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management Continued

Cultural Impacts of Invasive Species (The Connection Between Nature and People) (Rob Williams)

Hiking Trail Volunteer Survey Program Results After 7 Years & New Invasive Plants in the Lower Hudson (Linda Rohleder)

At the Crossroads (Laurel Gailor)


Presentations by the NYS Invasive Species Partner Organizations

iMap Invasives Project Updates (Jennifer Dean)

Watercraft Inspection Steward Program App (WISPA) (Matthew Brincka)

An Update from the NYS Hemlock Initiative (Caroline Marschner)

Connecting the Dots from Communication to Control:  A Case Study in Croton (Part I Willow Eyres & Part II Cathy McGlynn)

Update on the Water Chestnut Biocontrol Program (Wade Simmons)