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Hi There!

We are reaching out to those from the math education space who would be excited to participate in our FREE Virtual Summit coming up on November 13th and 14th, 2021.

Not only will you love hearing 25+ influencers from the math education space presenting live over Zoom, but I’m sure your audience and colleagues will stand to benefit as well!

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Will we see you there?

Kyle & Jon

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NY Region: Lower Hudson

Course-level: Introductory Undergraduate, Upper-level Undergraduate, Graduate level

Invasive Species Concepts Taught: Invasion Theory, Invasion Ecology, Invasive Species Management, Invasive Species Inventory/Mapping , Risk Assessment

I am willing to discuss: K-12 Education and Outreach Events, K-12 Curriculum Development, University Guest Lectures, University Curriculum Development, General Public Outreach Events, Please do not contact me

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