Name: Kolozsvary, Mary Beth PrintGo Back

Institution: Siena College

Description of Teaching:

I am an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Siena College. I offer an upper-level majors elective course, ENVA 305, Invasive Species. I also incorporate invasive species lectures, labs, and group projects that involve invasive species in other courses (e.g., ENVA 250 Ecosystem Ecology, ENVA 450 Conservation Biology, ENVA 015 Principles of Ecology (non-majors, core disciplinary course)). I have guest lectured on the topic in another non-majors, core disciplinary course, ENVA 020 Biological Diversity). I also mentor undergraduate researchers in independent studies involving invasive species (field and lab based projects; summer and during the school year).

Phone: 5187826968


NY Region: Capital-Mohawk

Course-level: Introductory Undergraduate, Upper-level Undergraduate

Invasive Species Concepts Taught: Invasion Ecology, Invasive Species Management, Invasive Species Inventory/Mapping, Risk Assessment

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