Name: McCay, Timothy PrintGo Back

Institution: Colgate University

Description of Teaching:

I teach about invasive species in the context of conservation biology (BIOL 330), applied natural resource conservation (ENST 315), and a senior seminar in environmental studies (ENST 490).

I would be available to give seminars on invasive earthworms in the Northeast and their relationship to biodiversity and native earthworm species. I conduct research on both European (lumbricid) and Asian (megascolecid) invasive earthworms.

Phone: 315-228-7705


NY Region: Finger Lakes

Course-level: Introductory Undergraduate, Upper-level Undergraduate

Invasive Species Concepts Taught: Invasion Theory, Invasion Ecology, Invasive Species Inventory/Mapping

I am willing to discuss: University Guest Lectures, General Public Outreach Events

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