Name: Garneau, Danielle (Researcher)PrintGo Back

Institution: SUNY Plattsburgh

Description of Expertise:

My research centers around community response to disturbance. Prior research involved beech bark disease and small mammal and invertebrate communities in northern forests. Recent research has involved turtle demography along an urbanization gradient, roadkill patterns using citizen science, and wildlife response to wildfire at a sandstone pavement barren.

Phone: 5185644073


Countries: United States

States: New York

Species: Aquatic plants, Terrestrial invertebrates, Terrestrial vertebrates, Water chestnut (Trapa natans), Earthworms (many species),

Ecosystems: Pine Barrens, Forest, Grassland, Urban, Wetland

Research Areas: Wildlife Ecology, Population and Community Ecology, Conservation Biology, Citizen Science

NY Regions: Catskills, Capital Mohawk, Adirondacks, St. Lawrence/E. Lake Ontario

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