Name: Green, Adam (Researcher)PrintGo Back

Institution: Colgate University

Description of Expertise:

Although polyploidy is a common feature of agricultural weeds and natural area invaders, there are few studies comparing related diploid and polyploid exotics. It is unclear what ecological and genetic factors favor the establishment of weedy polyploids, features fundamental to the understanding, and thus control, of many invaders that pose threats to biodiversity and cause economic losses. My research combines molecular and cytological studies with common gardens and fieldwork to address this problem in English ivy (Hedera spp. Araliaceae), a polyploid complex of woody vines native to much of Asia, Europe and North Africa and currently invading lowland coastal forests in the US.


States: California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington

Species: Terrestrial plants, English ivy (Hedera helix),

Ecosystems: Forest, Urban

Research Areas: Mapping/modelling, Species demography

NY Regions: Finger Lakes, Long Island

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