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Are you an invasive species expert? Join our expert database by filling out the fields below– help us build a network to communicate invasive species knowledge across the state and region.

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*If your job includes aspects of both research and management, please choose the title you feel is most appropriate.
(including algae and diatoms)
Example: "I serve as the Preserve Manager for the Northern New York Land Trust. We maintain over 50 preserves which include open fields, wetlands, rivers, and forested areas across the region. Our mission is to preserve and protect lands in our trust forever, and we manage our preserves to protect our water, air, and wildlife as well as provide a place for public recreation. Our current top management priorities include Japanese knotweed along stream corridors, and swallow-wort in our old field habitats."
Example: "My research centers around the prevalence of beech bark disease in the Northern forests. Specifically, I am interested in documenting the influence this disease might have on masting and the implications for wildlife assemblages in affected stands."

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