In 2008, the NY Invasive Species Research Institute (NYISRI) was established at Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in the Department of Natural Resources, with support from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

The NYISRI will serve its key stakeholders – the scientific research community, natural resource and land managers, and state offices and sponsored organizations – by promoting information-sharing and developing recommendations and implementation protocols for research, funding, and management, all in an effort to improve the scientific basis of invasive species management.

With knowledge of the extensive and diverse research on invasive species taking place across New York State, the NYISRI will promote information-sharing and collaboration among members of the scientific research community. The NYISRI will leverage this research capacity to improve the scientific basis of invasive species management by facilitating interaction and cooperation between scientists, natural resource managers, and state offices. To this end, the NYISRI will work to develop data collection protocols to engage natural resource professionals in research that has the potential to guide invasive species management. This research, in turn, will assist the NYISRI with the development of specific invasive species management protocols that are aligned with ecological, economic, and geographical priorities.

The NYISRI will gather and disseminate information pertinent to key stakeholders. For NY state offices and organizations including the Offices of Invasive Species Coordination (OISC) in the Department of Environmental Conservation and the NY Invasive Species Council (ISC), the NYISRI will catalog existing research and expertise across the state, provide information on the status of on-going research, and participate in the planning of a recurring state invasive species conference to disseminate this information to stakeholders across the state. The NYISRI will catalog and communicate available funding opportunities for research to the scientific community and relevant state entities.

The NYISRI will synthesize information and outcomes from on-going invasive species research efforts to make recommendations to the ISC, OISC, and other decision-making bodies on research and funding needs and priorities.

The NYISRI will share the outcomes of research, including invasive species occurrence data, best management practices, and relevant publications, with other partners in New York State’s invasive species initiatives, including Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs), the Invasive Species Clearinghouse, and the NY Natural Heritage Program.