Abstracts of Interest: June 2020

To create this digest, we scan over two dozen ecology journals for papers on 1) invasive species present in New York State, or the Northeast region, 2) theoretical concepts or models which may have implications for management in New York State, or 3) economic, social, or ecological impacts of invasive species on a regional or global scale. The goal is to help managers and partners across the state of New York to more easily keep up to date on current research.

Several papers listed each month are open access, and anyone can view entire manuscripts. If an article you would like to read is not available through your institution, you can often contact lead or corresponding authors to receive a copy. If you are unable to obtain a paper this way, please contact us and we are happy to work with you to get you access.

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Host specificity of Liothrips ludwigi, a candidate biological control agent of invasive Ludwigia spp. in the USA


Biodiversity and Conservation

Construction of deer fences restores the diversity of butterflies and bumblebees as well as flowering plants in semi-natural grassland


Biological Invasions

The invasive hornet Vespa velutina affects pollination of a wild plant through changes in abundance and behaviour of floral visitors

Woody invaders do not alter rhizosphere microbial activity in a temperate deciduous forest

Potential establishment and ecological effects of bighead and silver carp in a productive embayment of the Laurentian Great Lakes


Conservation Biology

Worldwide effects of non‐native species on species‐area relationships


Diversity and Distributions

Positive associations with native shrubs are intense and important for an exotic invader but not the native annual community across an aridity gradient


Ecological Applications

Invasive mammalian predators habituate to and generalize avian prey cues: a mechanism for conserving native prey

Shifting trophic control of fishery–ecosystem dynamics following biological invasions



White‐tailed deer neonate survival in the absence of predators

Plant genome size influences stress tolerance of invasive and native plants via plasticity


Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Editorial Herbicide resistance in weeds: early detection, mechanisms, dispersal, new insights and management issues


Functional Ecology

Crossing extreme habitat boundaries: Jack‐of‐all‐trades facilitates invasion but is eroded by adaptation to a master‐of‐one

Vacant yet invasible niches in forest community assembly


Journal of Applied Ecology

Declining invasive grey squirrel populations may persist in refugia as native predator recovery reverses squirrel species replacement

Comparing biocontrol and herbicide for managing an invasive non‐native plant species: efficacy, non‐target effects and secondary invasion


Journal of Ecology

Seagrass coastal protection services reduced by invasive species expansion and megaherbivore grazing


Journal of Plant Ecology

Seed bank dynamics of an invasive alien species, Helianthus annuus L.



Spatiotemporal patterns of non-native terrestrial gastropods in the contiguous United States

Invasive alien species add to the uncertain future of protected areas



The stronger, the better – trait hierarchy is driving alien species interaction

Clonal integration enhances performance of an invasive grass



Landscape-scale forest loss as a catalyst of population and biodiversity change

Climate-driven risks to the climate mitigation potential of forests