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We connect invasive species research and practice to help manage the impact of invasive species in NYS.


Invasive species pose a serious threat to New York’s natural resources, and NYISRI is committed to improving the scientific basis of invasive species management. We serve the scientific research community, natural resource and land managers, and state offices and sponsored organizations by through promoting research, creating networks, and providing support.


Identify research needs from managers and coordinate research to meet those needs.


Foster knowledge exchange between diverse organizations and individuals through conferences and webinars.


Support managers and researchers by synthesizing research, communicating funding opportunities, and creating management protocols.

Recent Posts

Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Gary Lovett (8/7/2020) - From his research on the impacts of forest pests, to proposing federal policies through “Tree-SMART Trade”, Dr. Gary Lovett is working to protect the future of our forests.
Research Summary: Fewer Deer and Newer Trees (7/24/2020) - When managing for forest regeneration, deer may be a more important stressor to address than invasive grasses.
Researcher Spotlight: Dr. Kimberly Schulz (7/17/2020) - Dr. Kimberly Schulz is protecting New York’s “amazing lakes” from invasive species by studying the invasion pathway of small boats, and the impact of those aquatic invasives on the system.

Latest News

Mystery Seeds: What New Yorkers Should Do (7/31/2020) - Recent news of mysterious seeds from China have raised questions about species introductions. Here's what the USDA and NY DAM have to say about it
Funding Opportunity for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (7/23/2020) - The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has developed a fund for conservation organizations to support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion– Proposals due July 31.


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