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Thousands of introduced species have taken up residence in the US, posing serious threats to agriculture, human health, and the integrity of our lands and waters.

As a major port of entry, New York State, with its vast natural and agricultural resources, is vulnerable to damage from many of these invasive species.

The New York Invasive Species Research Institute serves the scientific research community, natural resource and land managers, and state offices and sponsored organizations by promoting information-sharing and developing recommendations and implementation protocols for research, funding, and management, all in an effort to improve the scientific basis of invasive species management.

Funding for NYISRI is provided by the Environmental Protection Fund as administered by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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06CHEATGRASS1-master1050 Researcher Finds Way to Fight Cheatgrass, a Western Scourge (10/19/2015) - Cheatgrass could vie for the title of the most successful invasive species in North America. The weed lives in every state, and is the dominant plant on more than 154,000 square miles of the West, by one estimate.
UofDelaware Study shows insect diversity decreases in gardens with non-native plants (9/29/2015) - Not only do native plants do a better job of hosting and supporting local insect communities than their non-native counterparts, but a University of Delaware study shows

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trna-Mike_Naylor Research on Water Chestnut Biocontrol to Move Forward (7/25/2015) - Thanks to funding provided to the New York Invasive Species Research Institute at Cornell University by the New York State Department of...
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Aquatic Invasive Species Management Plan Approved by DEC (7/17/2015) - As of July 15th 2015, a new management plan for aquatic invasive species (AIS) has been approved in New York State...
IMG_3749 NYISRI and Cornell Plantations Host Tabling Event to Promote Invasive Species Awareness (7/13/2015) - In honor of New York’s 2015 Invasive Species Awareness Week (ISAW), Kelsey Poljacik, a senior at Cornell University, has set up an...